Natural chews and treats for dogs

We believe dogs deserve only the best, which is why all our products are made from the highest quality raw materials from trusted sources and are free from preservatives, flavours, colours, and artificial additives.
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It’s not just tasty treats but also health and joy for your dog, thanks to natural ingredients of the highest quality.
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What dogs love most

Our treats not only satisfy the culinary cravings of dogs but also support their well-being. Carefully selected, natural ingredients guarantee joy and energy for your pet every day.

About us

The byword for reliability and innovation in the pet product industry
From the outset, Witbar has continuously strengthened its presence in the pet product market, earning customer trust through reliability and innovation. With over 3,000 square meters of warehouse space, our company has become a symbol of high quality in its industry. Committed to maintaining the highest standards, we apply HACCP guidelines and Good Hygiene Practice (GHP) principles, which, combined with regular supervision by the Veterinary Inspection, guarantee the safety and healthiness of our products. Moreover, collaborating only with the best suppliers allows us to offer products that meet strictly defined standards.
Leading exporter of dog chews and treats in Europe
Witbar is not only a solid player in the domestic market but primarily a respected exporter of products—dog chews and treats—in many European countries, such as Germany, the Netherlands, Denmark, Austria, Portugal, Estonia, and the United Kingdom. We invest in development, new technologies, and expanding our range, which enables us to offer nearly 300 different products. Our products, made exclusively from the highest quality raw materials and without artificial additives, prove that dogs deserve the best. Thanks to continuous development, innovation, and understanding of customer needs, Witbar not only meets but exceeds expectations, enjoying a growing number of satisfied customers. Our success is based on mutual trust and friendly relations with customers, as well as on a mission to support healthy and happy lives for animals, including support for local shelters.

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+48 602 608 920

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